Clutch and Gearbox Specialists

Are you concerned about the clutch in your car? Do you want a clutch and gearbox specialist to take a look at your vehicle?

If this is the case then please look no further than the skilled and competent services of the Clutch Clinic. Clutch Clinic are clutch specialists so give us a call today for your free quote. We are a well established company with over 25 years’ experience under our belts, making us your number one choice for all your clutch, gearbox and car servicing needs. We can offer:


  • FREE Clutch checks

  • Clutch Servicing and Replacement

  • Clutch Hydraulics

  • Flywheels and Gearboxes

Free Clutch Checks

Our free clutch check will enable us to tell if your clutch is faulty before we actually carry out any work. If there is a problem, we will be able to repair it using top quality parts, or replace it completely. All our work is guaranteed and carried out at extremely competitive prices.

Clutch Servicing and Replacement

We have over 25 years experience, extensive mechanical knowledge and we are clutch specialists, so you know your car will be in safe hands. We use only original parts to ensure your car is fitted with the highest quality parts and service. 

If you’re having clutch problems, or any other problems please give our friendly garage a call to arrange an appointment for your car.

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