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Remapping & Brake Skimming

Unlock the Potential

Believe it or not, most modern engines are down rated by the manufacturer for a number of reasons. It's because vehicles are down rated that we at M & M Auto Repairs can provide an electronic engine management upgrade, unlocking that extra potential in your vehicle, and creating an all new driving experience. Powerchips are available for all makes and types of vehicle with electronic fuel management.

At Powerchips we are able to offer a specifically tailored solution to improve you cars performance depending on the age and type of vehicle.

With a Powerchips upgrade you won't just see an improvement in power and torque you will discover a whole new driving experience with better acceleration improved overtaking and smoother gear changes, for vehicles that tow moving off and hill climbing.
Most engines are down rated or restricted from the outset by the manufacturer for several reasons.

  • Varying climatic conditions
  • Geographical
  • Poor fuel
  • Bad servicing
  • Bad driving
  • Commercial

Give us a call today to see how M & M Auto Repairs can help to improve your cars performance.

What do I do next?

  1. Call or pop into the garage
  2. Book a time for your MOT that suits you
  3. Drop your car off
  4. Pick your car back up

PROCUT brake disc skimming

This year, we were delighted to take delivery of a PROCUT vehicle brake disc skimmer. This fantastic piece of equipment allows us to skim your brake discs whilst they are still on the vehicle.

So far, the PROCUT disc skimmer has been a great success as customer are finding that, instead of replacing worn or warped brake discs, the disc skimmer will re-machine the old disc, butting a fresh braking surface onto the disc and giving fantastic results. By reducing the bed in period of new pads, you can save money on what was a costly job.

The next time your garage tells you that you need new brake discs and pads fitted, why not have your vehicle booked in with us for a new set of brake pads and your brake discs resurfaced?

We also specialise in:

  • Power chipping
  • Colins Performance
  • Remapping
  • Engine Tuning
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

To find out how we can help you improve your vehicle call
01463 248822.

MOT Testing

To book your MOT, call M & M Auto Repairs on
01463 248822

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